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10 Most-Adorable Children Bunk Beds With Storage Ideas

Children’s bedroom is commonly looking dirty and untidy. This problem may cause by the lack of storage, so it is quite difficult for them to save their things. However, having special cupboard or cabinet inside their bedroom will eat a lot of space. Children bunk beds with storage come as the most possible solution for you. This type of bed is not only stylish, but also multipurpose. Find out several bunk beds with storage for children as explained below.

  1. Stylish Bunk Bed with Storages for Children


This stylish bunk bed for children provides several storages that are combined as one with the bed. The storage also works very well in propping the load from the bed, aside from saving the children’s items.

  1. Blue Bunk Bed with Storages for Kids


Blue has always been favorite color for most children, and now you are able to represent it into your kid’s room. The bed is designed in quite simple way, but who knows that there are much secret storage in it.

  1. Children Bunk Double-Bed with Storages


This bunk bed is purposed for those who have two or more children. Not only couple of storage, this bed includes display cabinet and desk too. Such a multipurpose bunk bed!

  1. Magical Bunk Bed with Storage for Girls


Every single girl willing to be a princess and it is the right time for making this comes true with this magical bunk bed. Imagine that your children will sleep inside this pink-themed bed every night and feel like a royal blood family every day.

  1. Colorful Bunk Bed with Storage for Kids


Who can reject this vivid bunk bed? It seems very cozy to lay down over this bed. Having two beds with lots of storages, this bunk bed with storage will attract your children to place their things inside them.

  1. Pirate-Themed Bunk Bed with Storage


Children like to imagine to be someone who is inspire them by its heroic acts, including pirates. This pirate-themed bunk bed brings double beds with the second bed can be used for saving your children’s stuffs effectively.

  1. Children’s Castle Bunk Bed with Storages


This bunk bed will allow children to have and manage their own castle. They are the king and queen of their castle and be responsible with the safety, cleanness, and many things inside. The storage inside allow them to save their items, so the room will keep clean and well-managed everyday.

  1. All-in-One Children Bunk Bed with Storages


Those who are looking for not-so-childish bunk bed, this all-in-one bunk bed with storage is aimed to you. The design is futuristic and anti-mainstream combining with a lot of storages and sport spots there. Exquisite!

  1. Camp Bunk Bed with Storages for Children


Last but not least, experience camping every day with this camp bunk bed with storage for kids. Your children are able to save their load inside the drawer-stair and at the bottom of the bed. I love the idea of adding the slide since it will be a great magnet for children to do a physical activity.

  1. Children Bunk Bed with Storage and Desk


The bed looks very multifunction with its additional storages and desk. I also love the combination of orange and yellow since it turns your children’s bedroom to be more fresh and cheerful.

Those are nine children bunk beds with storage that are hopefully inspiring you. It is important to teach your kids to live in order. One of the effective ways is giving them appropriate bed so they can apply discipline routinity by placing their things in the right place.

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