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10 Most Heartbreaking Vintage Industrial Bar Stools Products

A good home should be a perfect place to live and spend more of your precious time. It is indeed quite difficult to make it happen, but you are able to start making your home more comfortable to live by choosing the stools. This might be a small thing but you can’t underestimate its impact on your house-furnishing. Check out several vintage industrial bar stools below and select the most favorite one.

  1. Astonishing Industrial Metal Bar Stool


Hot is red and red is hot! This metal red industrial bar stool stands perfectly for you. Thing you would like is that the dimension is quite small, so it will be fit in small room space.

  1. Pair Vintage Industrial Wood Metal Stools Adjustable Getbackinc Set2


I must say that this industrial bar stool is undeniably gorgeous. It combines the conventional chair with back and stool, and of course it is going to be cozier to sit over it.

  1. Vintage Industrial Bar Stools Set of 4 Adjustable Wood Metals


This vintage industrial bar stool seems very solid with all-steel construction. This material is chosen since it will make this stool keep in good condition even for long period.

  1. Vintage Industrial Tractor Stools


Even this bar stool looks so old and out of date; you can’t deny that the model is unique. The place where you sit is made of metal plate that will be fit very well with your back.

  1. Modern Industrial Bar Stools 30” Seat Height Silver


This product is looking very similar to the first idea, but it is way higher at its 30” height. This stool is specially designed for higher table which will make it easier for you to reach something.

  1. The Consortium Industrial Bar Stools


Unfinished painting becomes the main theme for this bar stool. On the prop, this stool is designed by very small metal construction but it is able to hold load effectively. Moreover, you are going to fall in love with the back since it will be meaningful feature for you.

  1. 3pc Adjustable Pub Table with Stool


I must say that this bar stools look very similar to press machine at glance. All the body part is dominated by metal that is well-known for its lightweight and strength.

  1. Molly Sims’s Rustic But Modern Hamptons Kitchen


This vintage industrial bar stool will ensure your safety with its circle-prop. This model is indeed will be more stable so there is nothing to worry of getting fall from high position.

  1. Industrial Style Bar Stool


The construction might be too-ordinary, but the leather accent on the part of the stool has catch me a lot.

  1. Metal Bar Stools with Backs


Last but not least, if you are getting bored with vintage industrial bar stools, this metal bar stool brings modern touch on it. It looks futuristic and yet charismatic.

Well, ten vintage industrial bar stools you need to know. Of course there are another ton of product out there, but the products above are just simply adorable. Choose one that reflects your personality and make different nuances inside your room.

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