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10 Most Inspiring Vintage Industrial Decor and Idea

Home decoration is the main key to create certain nuances inside your house. If you play the card right, home decoration will be priceless value to your house. On the other hand, it might be dangerous since it gives bad impact for your house. Several vintage industrial decor ideas below come to inspire you to make a simple decoration with something vintage. Read on to get complete details!

  1. Nautical Design Ideas for Warehouses Bathroom


The list starts by this vintage industrial decor for bathroom. The bathroom here doesn’t use too-much accent; as you can see the metal bathtub is the point of interest in this decoration. With industrial lighting, this is more than just a place to take a bath.

  1. All in One Vintage and Industrial Style Room


Having small house doesn’t mean you can’t play something with it. Just combine the rooms together into one room as above. Remember to keep the room managed to prevent from dirty nuance.

  1. Modern Industrial Dining or Living Room


You get vintage, modern, and industrial dining room and living room in one work. The combination of brown-base furnishing with unpainted metal element is just representing the theme successfully.

  1. French Industrial Garden Decor Ideas


The decoration continues with the French industrial garden. This is a good solution for those willing vintage and industrial atmosphere on their house but do not have more room space.

  1. Home Decor Ideas with Typography Vintage Kitchen


It is time to retouch the kitchen with something vintage and industrial. You can start the project by adding the wall wording, industrial lighting, and plain-color furnishing to make it done.

  1. Retro Lampasas Black Decor American Vintage


Vintage industrial decoration might come from the use of suitable lighting. This retro Lampasas lighting cage comes as a good alternative for your vintage and industrial housing.

  1. Rustic Grungy Vintage Industrial Extraordinary Cafe Interior Design


Vintage industrial cafe might be a good solution since modern cafe is just too-mainstream. All you need are suitable furnishing that represents industrial and vintage elements. Moreover, the all-room domination should cover this theme as well.

  1. Vintage Industrial Gazebo Idea


The next stop is the gazebo. You can represent vintage and industrial nuances by this simple gazebo. The domination of cream and black is perfect combination to bring this theme for your house.

  1. Vintage Industrial Furniture Designs Revive Bedroom Spaces


Vintage and industrial are also good to apply for your bedroom. With a bit touch of wooden-base furnishing, retro accessories, and industrial lighting, feel different experience of just sleeping and take a rest.

  1. Vintage Style Kitchen Mixes Retro Decor with Industrial


Last but not least, the vintage industrial dining room decoration comes to give inspiration for you. The unique thing here is that vintage and industrial dining room mixes very well to modern nuances of the house.

Well, ten vintage industrial decor ideas have been presented for you. Just follow your heart on redecorating your room because if you work with heart, the result will be great.

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