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10 Most Inspiring Vintage Industrial Desk Products

Desk has been well-known as one of the most important furnishings. It is not that simple of getting suitable desk since there are several things you need to consider, and of them is the desk theme. Here are several vintage industrial desk ideas that come to be inspiration for your home furnishing.

  1. The Engineering Desk


It is a brilliatn idea of combining vintage and industrial nuances in one product. This bed is undeniably perfect with wooden plate on the upper body and metallic construction.

  1. Retro Industrial Desk


Having small room space is now not a big problem since this retro industrial desk comes as a good choice. It has quite small body so that you are able to place it wherever you want.

  1. Vintage Industrial Style Desk and Chair 1940s Set of 2 2


If you are looking for vintage industrial desk, this product should be included on the wish list. The desk and the chair have similar construction that will be matched each other.

  1. A Frame Desk Walnut Top and Filing Cabinet


I must say that this vintage industrial desk is such a unique creation. The construction looks very solid and strong that will hold more loads. Moreover, the filling cabinet is also able to work as a chair as well.

  1. Vintage Industrial Tanker Desk by Steel Vintage


Bringing all-metal domination, this desk comes as another option for vintage and industrial themed desk. Thing you would like that much is that the desk offers lots of storage to save more loads than before.

  1. Principals Retro Industrial Office Desk by Steel Vintage


Modern touch for vintage industrial desk, why not? Imagine that you are able to get these themes in one product. The blue tells the modernity, the wooden element works well for vintage nuance, and the metal touch gives industrial atmosphere at the same time.

  1. Braxton Studio Grayson Vintage Industrial Antique Bronze Home Office Wood Desk


Made of bronze, this vintage industrial desk is no doubt to stay last longer without corrosion. The wooden addition over the body part gives strong vintage nuance you can’t deny.

  1. Chairman Vintage Industrial Furniture


Having big dimension, this desk will be multifunction for many kind of use. Moreover, it is also a good alternative for chairman furniture that represents your superiority.

  1. Vintage Industrial Office Desk Receptionist


This is my sentimental favorite of vintage industrial desk of all. The design is fresh, means that there are still few product to be similar with. With the good storage system, feel free to save more loads inside without worries.

  1. Vintage Industrial Wood and Iron Desk


Closing the list, this vintage and industrial desk is worth introduced. Its unfinished painting gives different nuances inside your room that no single product could imitate it.

Those are ten products for your vintage industrial desk inspiration. Now it is the right time for you to choose one of them as your furnishing system and see how it changes your life.

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