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10 Most Inspiring Vintage Industrial Table

Table becomes one of the most important home furnishings. It is not only playing role as a place to work, but also as part of home decoration. It is not a simple thing to choose suitable table since there are several things to notice. You need to look at the product’s material, model, style, and even price first. Talking about style, vintage industrial table might come as a good alternative.

Vintage industrial tables catch so much attention by their uniqueness and limited edition style. The composition of wooden and steel is always giving something different inside your room. With good supporting furnishing, these vintage industrial tables will completely ready to be the center of attention inside your room.

1. Chairman Desk 2 Chairman Desk


Leading the list, this chairman desk 2 chairman desk is a good choice for office furnishing. The dimension is not too big, so it will be fit even in a small office. You need to make zoom on the table detail in which combining vintage and retro on its appearance. Aside from that, the use of thick wooden bar makes it stays last longer even in long period.

2. A Frame Dining Table by Vintage Industrial


For family gathering, this dining table comes as a possible solution. It’s long board is able to accommodate until ten people. Moreover, I love the idea of metallic props below the table which will give maximum capability to hold lots of loads safely.

3. Vintage Industrial Cast Iron and Wood Swing Out Seat Table 2


I must say that this vintage industrial cast iron is undeniably unique. It is packed with wood swing out seat that it is free to set or not based on situation. The designer pays attention more on the construction to make it safe for long term usage. This table will completely change the nuance inside your room.

4. Vintage Industrial Heavy Duty Workbench Desk Butcher Block Table Cast Iron Legs


Can you guess what is it? It is such a good combination between desk, cabinet, and table. The mixture of natural brown and rustic blue seems very harmonious in making this table industrial and vintage. Also, this table is more than just ready to hold your items and keep them managed.

5. Vintage Industrial Coffee Table Pallet


For crossed-style sitting, this vintage industrial coffee table pallet is purposed for you. The design is very simple by utilizing container bar and receptacle steel. The overall weight is quite reasonable, means that it is easy for you to move it wherever you are.

6. Vintage Industrial Machine Coffee Table


This simple vintage industrial machine coffee table is the next alternative for your home furnishing. You won’t find too much pattern on it since it brings simplicity through its appearance. The props look very strong just to hold daily loads.

7. Antique Architect Drafting Table Vintage Industrial Desk


This is my sentimental favorite of vintage industrial table so far. The design is very unique and there is nothing like this before. There are four wheels below the table which will work very well to ease the movement of the table itself. I have no idea about the construction since it’s well-managed to be truly vintage and industrial table in one product.

8. Vintage Industrial Table Furniture


This universal vintage industrial table will fit well for dining or cafe table. Its calm design makes it fits in almost all kind of room style. The bench is specially designed in quite long size to allow more people sitting there.

9. Bronx Industrial Dining Table by Vintage Industrial


Another eye-catching vintage industrial table is designed for you. It comes with adjustable high-neck in which you are able to set it based on your needs. At glance, the prop looks similar to London Bridge and that’s why it will be capable of holding more loads.

10. Post Industrial Table by Vintage Industrial


Closing the list, this post industrial table is also highly recommended to own. I can feel by my heart that this table will perform very well as home furnishing. Its simple design and cutting make it easier for you to place it in almost all kind of use.

Those are ten most inspiring vintage industrial table taken from several sources. It is not that difficult to choose table for your home. All you need to do is asking yourself what kind of table fits to your personality. Those vintage industrial tables above can be easily fond in global market or custom it in craftsman.

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