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11 Most Desirable Loft Bed With Slide Products

  1. Wooden Loft Beds with Slide on Hayneedle


This loft bed comes with wooden domination on its body construction. It has medium height and a good choice for teenager up to adult users. You will never get too much with this loft bed idea.

  1. Dorel Home Furnishings Fantasy Loft Bed with Blue Slide


This loft bed looks very simple with stainless steel construction. The slide itself is specially made of strong plastic which is strong but lightweight.

  1. Extraordinary Woodland Kids Loft and Slide


Another wooden loft bed with slide comes as a good alternative. Thing you would like most is that the slide is quite long, so it is going to be more enjoyable while playing with it.

  1. Jackpot White and Pink Princess Low Loft Beds with Slide and Curtains Playhouse


Those who have little daughter, this white and pink mini castle loft bed comes as an inspiring idea. It combines bed, playing curtain, and slide as one product unity. Perfect!

  1. Junior Loft with Slide


Low loft bed is purposed for children since it feels safe to be used. This loft bed has wide slide that most children will love to play with it.

  1. Laugh Boy Twin Over Twin Slat Slide Loft Bed


Now it is possible for your kids to sleep and play in the same place with this twin loft bed. The top-plate offers comfortable place to sleep and the low part is purposed to be the playing spot.

  1. Loft Beds With Slides, Cabinets, and Desk


It seems like I don’t need to say more since this complete-packaging loft bed is already set by slide, desk, chair, cabinets, and lot of storage. This loft bed is a good choice for those who have large bedroom space.

  1. Low Loft Bed With Blue Tent and Slide


Every children love to play inside the tent. This low loft bed with slide and blue tent is going to be a secret place for them to play and sleep.

  1. NE Kids Firehouse Junior Loft Bed with Slide


I love the idea of making this loft bed looking like a firehouse. Having red and blue domination, this loft bed will support your children imagination of becoming a firefighter.

  1. Pirate Low Loft Bed


Pirate is well-known for its braveness and hard work, and now you are able to represent their spirit through this loft bed. It is simply that this loft bed will support active movement of your kids.

  1. White Loft Beds With Slide


This white loft bed seems to be camouflaged perfectly with white room. It has quite-high construction with wooden domination on it.

Well, those are eleven more desirable loft beds with slide inspirations you need to know. If I can say, I love them all but the idea number 7 looks very attractive. Now it is your time to choose the best one based on your personal taste and bring different atmosphere inside your room.

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