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11 Inspiring Loft Bed With Storage Products

Having small space forces brings confusedness for some people to choose the best furnishing for their bedroom. Indeed, most of people want to get the best from their bedroom, so they are interested to put several important things inside. But now, you don’t have to worry since the loft bed with storage ideas below will help you so much. Check them out!

  1. Perfect Soft Gray Black Wooden Loft Bed with Storage and Shelves


You will fall in love with this loft bed every day. The combination of soft gray, orange, blue, and green accents are just so perfect. Moreover, the storage under the loft bed will save your loads effectively.

  1. Ashley Embrace Twin Loft Bed with Storage


This loft bed is a good choice for both adult and kid. You will never get too much with the glossy brown plywood on the bedroom’s construction.

  1. Embrace Loft Bed with Caster and Storage


If something modern is quite boring, why don’t you play with wooden motif for your loft bed? This bed looks very strong and solid with unique nuance from wooden pattern.

  1. Huckleberry Loft Bunk Beds for Kids


Loft bed is basically purposed for small bedroom space, and white loft bed is a perfect solution for it. The reason is that white will bring wider room nuance.

  1. Loft Beds with Storage Bunk Bed Stairs Build You Twin


For boys, the bed’s styling is more than everything. This bed comes with undoubtedly masculine-style as you can see from the design and color domination. The storage is not only working well to hold your bed but also as the storage system as well.

  1. Toddles Bunk Bed Storage


At glance, you might thing that it is just ordinary cupboard, but actually it is a part of loft bed. The storage is even able to save long clothes and of course it is going to be very useful for daily use.

  1. Donco Kids Circles Twin Loft Bed with Storage


I love how the designer combines strong and elegant themes in one product successfully. This bed is constructed by loft bed on the upper part, storage on the bottom part, and the book shelves on the right side. Perfect!

  1. Kid’s Bunk Beds with Lots of Storages


Your kids are not able to reject such this unique and creative loft bed like above. It is undeniably astonishing.

  1. South Shore Imagine Twin Loft Bed


Feel free to sleep and play in one place. This loft bed gives special spot for unforgettable playing experience.

  1. Zechariah Twin Low Loft Bed with Storage


This product should be leading your wish list on loft bed. Not only offer storage, this loft bed is packed by functional desk, cabinets, and built-in stairs.

  1. Teen Loft Bed with Ladder and Storage


At glance, this loft bed is looking like Windows 8 desktop. It brings futuristic design with multifunction storage as the main point of interest. There is nothing to say than gorgeous.

Those are eleven loft beds with storage inspirations you should know. It is now the right time to choose the best one based on your personal taste.