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11 Most Desirable Loft Beds for Kids

Parents will do anything to make their children happy, including choosing the most comfortable bed. It is not an easy thing to choose the bed since there are several things to notice. First, bed should be an interesting place so kids will take a rest perfectly. Second, the bed’s material should be safe, strong, and user-friendly. Third, if it is possible, bed should be peaceful place not only for sleeping, but also for studying, playing, and others. Loft beds for kids have been modified to provide it all for them. Below are eleven most desirable loft beds for kids taken from several sources. Find out your favorite!

1. Children Bunk Beds Ikea Full Size


Leading the list, this children bunk beds Ikea full size has what it takes to be great bed for your kids. It offers double bed with stairs on the wall. The loft itself is constructed by plywood, but it is going to strong enough to hold the loads. Having blue domination, this product can be used for both girl and boy.

2. Cool DIY Bed for Kids Ideas


This cool DIY bed for kid ideas comes as another complete-packaging loft bed. The design is quite complex, but each unit comes together as one great product. As you can see, there are one loft bed, stairs with drawers, desk, chair, cabinets, and mini-cupboards in this product. It means that your kids are capable of doing lots of things in one spot.

3. Couch Bunk Bed with Amazing Functions That You Can Use Inside Different Types of Bunk Beds for Kids


I must say that this couch bunk bed with amazing functions that you can use inside different types of bunk beds for kids is catching my eyes. Who knows that behind its simple cutting, there are another secret to reveal. The cabinets, drawers, desk, and mini cupboard will be meaningful for your kids.

4. Excellent Castle Bunk Bed for Kids


This excellent castle bunk bed is actually purposed for girls. It builds imagination of your girl to be a pricess on her own castle. It offers double bedding which can be used based on her need.

5. Junior Loft Bed Kids Furniture Ideas


The first impression on seeing this junior loft bed is that the design and cutting is ergonomic and futuristic. Moreover, it has very calm and cool coating technique that your boys must fall in love with. Also, this loft bed is packed with drawers, desk, chair, cabinets, and stairs for easiness of life.

6. KURA Reversible Bed from IKEA


KURA reversible bed is specially designed for those who want something simple on their bedroom. You won’t find complex pattern on it, but it stays fabulous. The bottom bed can be used situationally based on your needs; for play ground and secondary bed.

7. Loft Bed for Teen Images About Kid 39’s Room


Another unique and stylish loft bed has designed for you. This loft bed combines comfortable sofas with bed. Your kids will get perfect sleep on the upper bed and at the same time quality time over the sofa. You don’t need to worry since this product is quite easy to be moved wherever you are.

8. May Twin over Full Bunk Bed


Good news for you girls, May twin over full bunk bed is ready to grab. This product comes with girly domination as you can see on its pink and white pattern. Actually, there are two beds available, but you are able to use the additional and the secret one below. It is going to be a good spot for girls’ time.

9. NE Kids Walnut Street Locker Loft Bed


For not-too-small kids, this NE kids walnut street locker loft bed comes as a good alternative. Realizing its medium height loft bed, this product is suitable for teenager. The main bed is large enough for two kids, means that this bed is capable of accomodating three kids.

10. Sedona Twin Loft Bunk Chest and Desk


For those looking for something more serious loft beds for kids, this sedona twin loft bunk chest and desk should be on your wish list. The construction seems very strong and solid with natural pattern over it. Better still, there are lots of drawers that keep kids’ items managed.

11. Tree House Twin Low Loft Bed


Closing the list, we offer you this tree house twin low loft bed. This product provides unforgettable sleeping experience as well as inside the tree house. I don’t mind if it comes with white domination, but it is going to be better in brown. Those are eleven most desirable loft beds for kids. Each product has their own uniqueness and style. Now it is your time to choose the most suitable loft bed for your beloveds. Make sure to involve your kids to get what they really want.

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