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11 Most Wanted Vintage Industrial Shelving Products

Home shelving plays important role not only to store your items, but also as home decoration. There are tons of shelving options out there, but vintage industrial shelving comes as good alternative. If you are looking for shelving system of your own, vintage industrial shelving ideas below are worth choosing. Check them out!

  1. Formal Beauteous Kitchen Metal Shelves UK


These shelves combine both formal and casual nuance at the same time. Constructed by wooden bar and metal tubes, there’s no doubt that this product leads the list.

  1. Industrial Vintage Pottery Workshop Wheeled Shelving


I love the idea of wheeling system under the shelves since it helps you to move these shelves wherever you want. The unfinished painting over the wood gives strong vintage and industrial nuances very well.

  1. Pipe Shelving Unit with Bottle Stop


Look at that pipe shelving unit above! The cabinets are united very well and even seem to pin strongly to the wall. It means that your items will be stored safely.

  1. Shelves Industrial and Wire Mesh


Having four large storage boards, this shelf will be useful to cover lots of your items very well. The good news is that there are shelves border that prevent your items from getting dropped.

  1. Vintage Industrial Shelving 250USD


Feel free to put this shelving system wherever you want. Tons of columns inside seem to be ready to save your items and decoration.

  1. Vintage Industrial Style Dividing Wall Shelving


I must say that this vintage industrial shelving is undeniably unique and anti-mainstream. The construction is dominated by metallic pipe that will keep this product stays last longer.

  1. Vintage Industrial Shelving from Design Vintage


Thing you would like from this shelving is that the dimension is not too-large, means that it won’t eat too much your space room.

  1. Vintage Industrial Metal and Wood Shelving Unit


For wide room, this shelving comes as a good alternative. But, the strength and solidness of the construction catches the attention of most users. Moreover, the painting represents vintage and industrial atmosphere perfectly.

  1. Vintage Industrial Metal Shelving Unit 1950s


You won’t find any single wooden element in this product. Everything has made of stainless-steel metal tube that will be resisted of corrosion even in long period. Its unpainted metal design is successfully bringing vintage and industrial nuances in one time.

  1. Vintage Industrial Metal Shelving Unit


Do not underestimate its small construction since it will be responsible of holding certain loads effectively.

  1. Vintage Industrial Shelving Trolley


This is my sentimental favorite of vintage industrial shelving system. The wooden element reflects vintage nuances and the metallic casters work well in bringing industrial touches over it. Moreover, it is going to be easy to move this shelving into another place you want.

That’s all eleven vintage industrial shelving systems you need to look. It is now the right time to break the rule by choosing the extraordinary vintage industrial shelving as your house furnishing.

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