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9 Cool Shower Curtains for Guys that Out of the Box

Daily life force you to do several activities outdoor and indoor. This condition is able to bring the over sweat that bring your body in dirt and bad aroma. Take a bath is the best and simple solution you can do. Taking bath is not only about cleaning your body under shower, but in this time, you can get the relaxation back. The key of getting the best bathing experience is decorating your bath in to what you want. And, you are able to start it by selecting the curtain. Below are several cool shower curtains for guys to be your inspiration.

  1. World Map Shower Curtain for Guys


This shower curtain’s design speaks louder than word. The illustration describes the desire of men to travel around the world. With white domination, the curtain makes your bedroom wider.

  1. Iron Man Shower Curtain


Iron man is well-known as a strong, brave, and heroic superhero. This is one DCs most popular superheroes aside Thor and Captain America. Now you can represent these heroic nuances in your bathroom.

  1. Lion Shower Curtain for Guy


Lion is undoubtedly cool. This victory symbol will give different and dashing nuances for your bathroom.

  1. Social Media-Theme Cool Shower Curtain


As of the social media booming nowadays, this shower curtain is getting the inspiration from this phenomenon. The curtain is made of usual fabric with printed Facebook theme as the main design. It’s undeniably unique and quite funny. You can try it at home for unusual bathtub decoration.

  1. Cool Shower Curtain with Superhero Figures


If it is not enough to have just one superhero, now they come together to give different look on your bathtub. Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and even Spiderman are ready to accompany your bathe time. It seems to kiddy for several guys but it is okay.

  1. Cool Shower Curtain with Quote


“Chase your dreams, unless they have zombies, then run!”. This quotation asks you to reach your dream like you will be catched by zombies behind you.

  1. Enthralling Shower Curtain with Animal Figure


A giraffe with bubble gum? There is no other word than funny.

  1. Regal Shower Curtain for Guys


The first impression on seeing this shower curtain is regal. The product uses shining fabric with natural and dandelion touches. Dandelion is chosen for its philosophy that man goes far from house to be someone better with new faith.

  1. Police Call Box Shower Curtain for Guys


Imagine that you are taking a bath inside the police call box. Now you can feel it everyday with this police call box shower curtain. Comes in blue, this curtain is purposed for men.

Those are the number of cool shower curtains for guys that can be your inspiration. Since plain curtain is too mainstream, you need something that out of the box.

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