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9 Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Kitchen

Having homey kitchen means a lot for your life. It is going to be very enjoyable to spend your time inside it. Talking about kitchen, there are several things to we need to pay attention, one of them is the kitchen table style. Farmhouse style kitchen table comes to be the alternative solution. Farmhouse refers to the theme which is adapted by house in the farm area. Of course it has no glamour look at all, but you are going to find something special in this theme. Here are several farmhouse style kitchen table from several sources.

  1. Brown-White Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table


The combination of white and brown is undeniably harmonious. This nuances is chosen since all-brown kitchen table is too mainstream. Combining with harmonious bench, this kitchen table should be on your wish list.

  1. Very Simple Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table


Those who love something simple, this kitchen table is aimed to you. This table is made of solid wood without nailing procedure. Moreover, it is coated by varnish to make it stay last longer without corrosion.

  1. Container Farmhouse-Styled Kitchen Table


Don’t let your creativity stop. Use everything on your side to make kitchen table, including wooden container. You should gather up several bars of good quality wooden then join them by nail.

  1. Farmhouse-styled Kitchen Table with Classic Touch


Who said that brown is not match with gray? The combination of gray and brown creates different nuances inside your kitchen. I love the idea of high chair, simply unique.

  1. Long Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table


This kitchen table is specially purposed for you with a big family member. Having long dimension, this farmhouse-styled table could cover more people than you are expected before.

  1. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table with White Chair


When farmhouse style kitchen table combines with white touches, there is nothing to say than absolutely unique and homey. The table uses thin wooden bar with slim props model for simple and fresh nuances.

  1. Antique Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table


Everything is plain, but it is the interesting side of this kitchen table. The atmosphere of farmhouse can be clearly feel at first time you see it. This product doesn’t use varnish or painting to point out its natural and antique nuances.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table


If you want farmhouse style kitchen table, but at the same time you are interested of something with modern look, this product is what you want. I love the design of table and moreover the square-style tablecloth. It brings modernity with farmhouse touches very well.

  1. Varnished-Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table


Farmhouse but glamour? Now it is possible with this kitchen table model. The kitchen is fully vanished and combining with black touches on several parts. It looks undeniably gorgeous.

Those are nine farmhouse style kitchen table ideas that might be your inspiration. Now it is your time to choose the most suitable one and make your dream farmhouse kitchen comes true.

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