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9 Most Gorgeous Small Attic Bedroom Ideas and Inspirations

Since conventional bedroom is too mainstream, attic bedroom comes as fresh new idea. You are able to make it by yourself by employing the several boards as foundation. Make sure to use strong board to ensure your safety. Next, you need to cover the ceiling with plywood to prevent dust and dirt to enter your room. If it is possible, you can make windows on one side to let sunlight and fresh air entering your room. How about the design? These are several small attic bedroom ideas you might try at home.

  1. Cream Themed Attic Bedroom


This attic bedroom seems very simple with one medium size bed, couple of windows, and small sofa. The selection of cream is purposed to make this room larger than the real size. The designer just play a bit on the wall pattern with simple lining.

  1. Attic Bedroom Idea with Magazine Trace


This is a unique attic bedroom since it uses magazine sheets to cover the wall. The colorful papers are choosen to give colorful accents inside your attic.

  1. Small Attic Bedroom with Double Windows


Save energy, save life. You can be a part of energy saving movement with this attic bedroom idea. Those two windows will brighten up your room every day, so you don’t need to lighten up your room with lamp. Imagine that you are also able to see the moonlight every night.

  1. Natural Attic Bedroom


I love the idea of combining attic and natural themes for your bedroom. The designer uses wooden in every inches of this room to represent nature and forest inside your room. Moreover, that big window will allow you to see the beautiful scenery everyday.

  1. Super Comfortable Attic Bedroom


I love this attic bedroom at first sight. It impressed me very well through every single thing inside it. The bookshelf, the washbasin, the bed, and of course the window make my eyes can’t stop staring at this beautiful creation. You should try this at home.

  1. Very Simple Attic Bedroom for Small Room


This bedroom idea is purposed for those willing simple attic bedroom. Actually, there is no complex detail in this attic bedroom, but it looks very tidy without too much accent. This idea is suitable for those who love something simple but efficient.

  1. Double-Bed Attic Bedroom Idea


Who said that you can’t do something in small attic? The idea above proves that small attic could cover two beds. All you need to do is choosing two small beds and join them in one room.

  1. White-themed Small Attic Bedroom Idea


White is always a good alternative to make small space wider. Moreover, there are four big slided windows which are easy to operate.

  1. Nature-Themed Attic Bedroom


This latest idea is my sentimental favorite. First, I love the idea of glass ceiling. The second one, I fond of the flying-bed which is not required four holders as usual.

Those are nine small attic bedroom ideas from several sources. Choose your most favorite and make it comes true in your own attic.

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