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9 Most Inspiring 50 Ft Wide House Plans and Inspirations

Having a plan to build your own house or apartment? First thing you need to prepare is the house plan of course. The plan becomes important since it gives you guidelines of what you need to do. Several 50 ft wide house plans below come as possible choices for you. Read on and find out the most suitable plan based on your personality.

  1. 3D Sanibel Floor Plan with Alternate Exterior Treatments


Leading the list, this Sanibel floor house plan brings unique and natural nuances. You are able to show more natural elements from wooden-base furniture. There are two small-size verandas that work very well as a fresh air and light circulation.

  1. Ranch House Plan 30-684 Floor Plan


There are lots of rooms in this house plan such as three bedrooms, one kitchen, double covered patio, super-large garage, and great room on the middle of the house. This part of house will be a good spot for meeting, partying, and other activities.

  1. 50 Ft Wide Apartment or House Plans with 3 Bedrooms


Having 50 ft wide free space means that you are able to build many rooms inside your house. This house plan idea underlines the build of three bedrooms, small kitchen and dining table, one toilet, and the rest is family room.

  1. Ranch Style House Plan 3 Beds 2 Baths


Combining office and house in same place is now more enjoyable with this homey office ranch style house plan. It covers 3 bedrooms (1 owner bedroom and two guest bedrooms) with each bedroom inside. The garage is designed for two cars and the great room mixes well with the kitchen and dining area on the middle part of the house.

  1. 50 Foot Wide Lot House Plans Image and Review


For nature enthusiast, this 50 ft wide house plan is a good alternative. It offers more than three open areas that can be used for outdoor activities like barbeque and garden party.

  1. 50 Ft Wide Apartment Unit Plan


This two-floor apartment unit plan gives everything you want. The first floor represents the comfortable living room, dining room, and kitchen in spacious dimension. Meanwhile, two bedrooms and toilet are existed on the upper floor for private usage.

  1. House Plan for 50 Foot Wide Lots


For those willing simple housing, this 50 ft wide house plan should be considered. You are going to be very lucky to own two spacious bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and toilet inside your house.

  1. House Plans for 50 Foot Wide Lots Arts


Too many rooms mean that you need to be ready to manage your house every day. But, you will never get too-much with this multifunction house plan.

  1. Basement House Plans with 3 Beds


For big family, three bedrooms on the upper floor are more than just ready to welcome you. Meanwhile, the first floor is free to use for lots of activities like family meeting or partying.

Those are nine most inspiring 50 ft wide house plans to inspire your home design and decoration. It is now the right time to choose your most favorite and represent your personality through your house.

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