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9 Most Impressive 20 Ft Wide House Plans and Ideas

House is not only a place where we live, but also a place to spend the lifetime. It is not a simple thing to get perfect house since you need to pay attention most on the design and plan. Nine 20ft wide house plans below come to help you making your dreamy-house comes true. Read on to get the complete detail.

1. Modern Style House Plan 3 Beds 2 Baths


Leading the list, this 42” x 50” housing offers the pleasure for living. The front part is purposed for garage and terrace. The main room is dominated by living room, dining room, single bedroom, and kitchen.

2. 20 Ft Wide House Plan


Looking very complex, this house plan pays serious details on the room’s function. There are at least double terraces, wide living room with dining room, three bedrooms, and double bathrooms.

3. Ground-Floor-Square Indian Duplex House Plans 600


For those looking for simple housing, this house plan comes as a good solution. The living room exists on the front part of the house with dining room next to it. Offering single bedroom with double bathrooms, this house is suitable for young-couple.

4. Craftsman Style House Plan 3 Beds 2 Baths


The garage, three bedrooms, kit, dining room, living room, and porch are just so perfect for minimalist housing. This 20 ft wide house plan is purposed for those having big family.

5. 20 Ft Wide House Plan with Super Wide Dining Room


It can be clearly seen that dining room becomes the main gathering point in this house plan. It takes more room space as one unity with living room.

6. Residential Units 20 Feet Wide


Who said that 20f wide house is small? Now you can make it larger by building it vertically. On the first floor, the living room, dining room, kitchen, and toilet are ready to welcome the guest. Meanwhile, the second floor is a good place for sleeping and taking a rest.

7. Cottage Style House Plan 2 Beds 2 Baths


This 20 ft wide house plan adopts the nuance of cottage as you can see on its design. The main key of representing cottage inside your house is that the elements of nature that can freely enter the room, for this reason, this house provides double porches.

8. Cottage Style House Plan 2 Beds 1 Bath


The next cottage house plan comes as a good solution. This house is quite minimalist and optimize most on its function. The room’s arrangement is undeniably perfect and makes your house a comfortable place to live.

9. 20 Ft Tiny House 20 Feet Wide House Plans


Closing the list, I must say that this house plan is quite complex at room’s management. But, it is going to bring unique nuances inside your house and of course it will be a good solution for a big family.

Those are the most impressive 20 ft wide house plans you need to notice. Since your house is very important, preparing the most suitable design for your personality and need is a must to do.

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