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9 Most Interesting 40 Ft Wide House Plans and Designs

Home designing is not as simple as you think. It needs high precision and perfect calculation to make everything on the right way. For those having medium-size of land, 40 ft wide house plans below might be the inspiration. Read on to get the complex detail and choose the most suitable one based on your needs and personality.

1. 40 Ft Container House Plan with Walk in Closets Likewise 40 Ft Wide On


This house plan underlines the living room as the main point of interest. It is on the center of the room with several bedrooms around. The store is also quite big for saving lots of items.

2. Cottage Style House Plan 2 Beds 1 Bath


Thing that catches my attention most is the dining area near the veranda. It allows you to enjoy natural nuances while having meal and increase quality time. The kitchen is on one area with dining room to ease you cook and have a meal in one place.

3. Gorgeous 40 Shipping Container Floor Plans to Decorate Your Home Furniture


There are no too-many rooms in this house plan. It is dominated by natural elements with its covered patio. It would be nice to sit there with your family and access so many rooms easily.

4. House Plan Brookfield House Plan


Everything has prepared very well in this 40 ft wide house plan. The garage takes more space along with master bedroom. It has double porch, breakfast area near the torch, kitchen, exclusive dining room and living room, and of course large family room.

5. House Plan For 25 Feet by 40 Feet Plot


This house plan is designed for those a new marriage-couple. It offers reasonable car parking, capacious lobby, single bedroom, kitchen and dining table, and quit large open area. Of course it is going to be easy for managing and cleaning your house every day.

6. House Plan for 30 Feet by 40 Feet Plot


This is an extraordinary house plan in which the kitchen is on the first floor near the hall. Meanwhile, the upper floor offers second hall with kitchen and bedroom; a good choice for big family.

7. House Plan for 40 Feet by 70 Feet Plot


Having lots of open area can be optimized by making it as open area parking, veranda, and even garden. Once enter the house, the super-wide living room, dining room, and double bedrooms are ready to welcome you.

8. House Plans with Double Deep Garage


Combining office and house seems never be too-much. There are double garage for your guests, commodious office, cozy foyer, great lobby, and dining area are more than enough to please your guest.

9. Traditional Style House Plan 2 Beds 2 Baths


Closing the list, this 40 ft wide house plan offers high function of great room. This room is able to use as living room as well as family room since the size is quite big.

So, those are nine most interesting 40 ft wide house plans you need to look before making your house. You are able to add or remove certain part of this plan based on your creativity and needs.

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