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9 Most Suggested 16 Ft Wide House Plans and Ideas

Designing your own house is such a pleasure since you are able to make your house based on your personality and need. But, sometimes people get problem on the small land size that block the creativity and idea. Several 16 ft wide house plans below come as good alternatives and high recommended for those having limited space of land.

1. 16 Ft Wide 2nd Floor Plan


Even it is small, but this house will be a comfortable place to live. It offers double bedrooms, medium dining room with kitchen and large living room. Thing you would like most is that the living room is located near the patio for everyday fresh air and light.

2. 16 Ft Wide Polaris Floor Plan


If you want something spacious, this 16 ft wide Polaris floor plan comes as a good alternative. There are just five large rooms inside with porch outside.

3. Cabin Shell 16 X 36 16 X 32 Cabin Floor Plans


This house plan offers lots of multifunction rooms inside. The living room, dining room, and foyer are on the center part of house with three bedrooms on each side.

4. Cottage Style House Plan 2 Beds 1 Bath


Minimalist house might be a possible option for limited space of land. Having bedroom on the front of the house, you are able to optimize other parts of your house for some room. I must say that the great room makes your house wider than the real dimension.

5. 16 Ft Wide Row Home Houe Plan


For home and office, this 16 ft wide house plan brings two types of garages; car and RV garage. The middle part is purposed for shopping area which you can sell your items effectively.

6. Craftman Style House Plan 3 Beds 2 Baths


It looks impossible to own this big craftman style house over the 16 ft wide land. But, if you play the card right, your house will be truly heaven on earth.

7. Simple 16 Ft Wide House Plan


I love how this house plan offers the pleasure and easiness of life. The good news is that there is no barrier between dining room and living room that can be changed into great room for meeting or party.

8. Two Split Manhattan Loft Guy


If you think that single-floor is not enough for your housing, this two splits Manhattan loft guy house plan is a must to watch. The lower level is a good spot for your guest, dining, and cooking. Meanwhile, the upper level offers the freshness of study and takes a rest.

9. Unique L Shaped 16 Ft Wide House Plan


This house works very well as a house as well as the office. It is specially built by large great room or lobby, office room, guest kitchen and dining room, storage, and garage.

Those are nine most suggested 16 ft wide house plans you need to notice first before designing your house or office. You don’t need to worry of developing your own plan, just follow your heart and it is going to be your master plan.

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