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9 Most Suggested 30 Ft Wide House Plans and Ideas

Having a plan to build new house? Make sure that the house design is suitable with your needs and personality. These 30 ft wide house plans below come as good inspiration. Find out later and decide which one is the best.

1. 30 Feet Wide House Layout


Comes as the first alternative, this 30 ft wide house plan offers large patio, kitchen, family room, den, living room, porch, dining room, and extra-large garage. Thing you would like most is that the living room will have natural scene from your porch very well.

2. 30 Feet Wide House Plans


For big family, this house plan is designed for you. Covering three big bedrooms, two bathrooms, super-wide dining room and garage, your house will be real heaven in this world.

3. 30 Ft Wide House Plans Home Office


Combining office and home in one building needs a good planning to make it best place not only for living but also for working. This 30 ft wide house plan offers drawing room, lobby, store, bedrooms, kitchen, and toilet to support all kind of your activities.

4. Bungalow House Plans 30 Ft Wide


If ordinary house is just too-mainstream, you should try this bungalow house plan then. The facilities like den, dining room, large living room, garage, bedrooms, and covered porch are perfect to spend your time with.

5. Cottage House Plan Emerson 30 Ft Wide


For those willing to have simple housing, this cottage house plan Emerson might be the answer. There are just two functional bedrooms, double baths, and one suite room for the owner. Simply private!

6. Craftman Style House Plan 3 Beds 2 Baths


Lots of room here means that your house will be multifunction for all kind of activities. Thing I like here is that the architect adds double-porch to let natural nuance comes into your house easily.

7. Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans


I love the simplicity made by the designer to keep their house wide without too much rooms inside. The living room becomes the main point here with dining room in front of it. There are two bedrooms inside with two baths.

8. European House Plan Bentley 30 Ft Wide


In case you are going to play with detail, this 30 ft wide house plan is able to be a good example. But, remember to manage the room’s composition so it won’t be over crowded inside your house.

9. Frederick New Floor Plans 30 Ft Wide House


Frederick new floor plan 30 ft wide house is purposed to optimize the existing land to build many important rooms. The lower level is designed for garden, office, and garage. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room are existed on the main level. Meanwhile, the upper level is dominated mostly by bedrooms.

Those are nine most suggested ideas for 30 ft wide house plans. Remember to always follow your heart in designing new house to make it comfortable place to life. Happy decorating!.

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