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9 Most Outstanding Curtains for Living Room with Brown Furniture Idea

Your home is your heaven. This quotation means you have to make your own home as a cozy place to live. Talking about home, living room plays important role since it is the first part of your house to visit by other people. For this reason, making your living room to be more comfortable is really needed. There are many factors need to notice on making perfect living room, and one of them is the curtain.  Here are several curtains for living room with brown furniture to inspire you.

  1. Black Curtain for Living Room with Brown Furniture


Black curtain comes as one of possible solutions for brown furniture. This is because of black is universal color that commonly suitable with almost all color. The idea above uses plain black curtain to bring simple nuance.

  1. Blue Navy Curtain for Living Room


Who said that blue is not match with brown furniture? The fact is that blue brings fresh nuance in your living room and at the same time, it balance up the glamour living room like above. Blue navy is better than the dark one.

  1. Dark-Brown Curtain with Beads for Living Room


 If you have light-dark furniture and wall decoration, you can try the darker brown represented by the curtains. Feel free to select the curtain length based on your wall size. The beads on the borders give elegant nuance for your living room.

  1. Red Curtain for Living Room


It seems that red and brown are the couple. You are able to combine it with transparent white curtain to add soft atmosphere inside the living room. Straight curtain also working very well to make your living room higher than the real dimension.

  1. Classic Curtain for Living Room with Brown Furniture


In case you are desiring to get classic living room, this curtain model is the good choice. Its wavy model reminds me a lot of Beauty and the Beast scenes. Now you can represent it on your living room.

  1. Cream Themed Curtain for Living Room


Brown and cream have always been a suitable composition. Aside from that, you can add white pattern through transparent fabric as a gradation.

  1. Glamour Curtain for Brown Furniture


It is easy to bring glamour nuance into your living room. One of the most simple way is choosing this glamour curtain.

  1. Glamour Curtain for Brown Furniture


If your brown furniture has golden and flowery touches, curtain with similar tones will mix very well into it. The combination of pink, gold, and brown is going to work together to result glamour trace in your living room.

  1. Bright Yellow Curtain for Living Room


Yellow is the color of joy. Why don’t you try to apply it as your living room’s curtain? This color blends well with brown furniture and it creates joyful situation that make your guest cozier in this room.

Above are several curtains for living room with brown furniture ideas. It all depends on your desire to select. Hopefully this article will help you to find the most eye-catching living room.

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