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9 Unique Children Bunk Beds With Slide Ideas

Hi, good readers! Bedroom is now developing from the place to rest to be a place where you are able to do more thing. For children, bedroom plays important role since it is part of their growth. They also need different type of bed that allows them to express their feeling and physical activities. Below are several children bunk beds with slide.

  1. Simple Bunk Beds with Slide for Children


Actually, this bunk bed is looking very simple. But, the additional accessories like slide and mini-home decoration make it astonishing. Looking at the slide height, it will be safe for your kids to play by their self.

  1. Kid Bunk Bed with Slide


This bunk bed seems to be very similar to its predecessor. The only changing is stated on the upper level. Your children are able to sleep in the top bed, while the bottom area can be utilized for playing and studying.

  1. Bunk Bed with Slide for Girl


Most of little girl choose pink as they most favorite color. And now, you can represent pink nuance through their bunk bed. Pink and white are a smart combination, in which pink represents mildness. At the same time, white makes your bedroom looking wider.

  1. Tent Bunk Bed with Slide for Children


This bunk bed will give your kids the camping experience. Wooden is believed to be the main framework for its durability. Having army-themed domination, this product represent strength and readiness of your children.

  1. Bunk Bed for Children with Castle Tower


I love the idea of making such a high castle tower. It brings different sensation in your bedroom. The selection of those orange and green tones looks harmonious to the bedroom. Aside from that, the real wood construction will hold loads without worries.

  1. Aerospace-themed Children Bun Bed with Slide


At first sight, it is easy to guess that this bunk bed brings pirate theme. Every single thing is designed very well with pirate symbol. Talking about the function, this product is multipurpose, in which your kid is able to sleep on the upper bed and do another activity on the bottom one.

  1. Wooden Bunk Bed with Slide for Kids


If you want something unique with the slide, this wooden bunk bed is a good alternative. But, realizing that the slide is quite high, this bed is purposed for more than 10 year-old kids. .

  1. Very Simple Bunk Bed with Slide


Sometimes it is quite difficult for your kids to manage their room. For this reason, this bunk bed with slide has simple design without too much additional accents on it.

  1. Bunk Bed with Slide in RadarTheme


Getting bored with conventional bunk bed? Now your kids will be happier with this radar-themed bunk bed with slide. The combination of plane miniatur and tower will completely change your kids room atmosphere.

Those are nine ideas of children bunk beds with slide. Since common bed type is too main-stream, you as a good parents, should give bed that supports your children creativity.

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