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9 Various Full Over Full Bunk Beds with Stairs Ideas

Bedroom is not merely about room, it is more about the best place to stay. It is said so since bedroom is commonly becoming the favorite place to recover your mind and body. Choosing the most suitable bed is not an easy thing. There are several things need to be considered such as the room size, the number of people, the model, and even the price. Full over full bunk beds with stairs comes as the alternative solution for those willing beds that cover lots of people. Moreover, this bed type is looking very unique and usual to be used for common family. Here are several full over full bunk beds with stairs ideas to consider.

  1. Wooden Full Bunk Beds with Stairs


This bed type consists of two beds with stairs on one side. Made of wood, of course, the bed will stay last longer. The designer doesn’t use paint since he or she wants to represent natural nuance through the wooden pattern.

  1. Natural Full Bunk Beds with Unvarnished Wooden


This full bunk bed seems very similar to the previous one, but this model brings triple beds. It means that there are more people can lay their body down here. Having wood as the main material, no doubt that this product could hold certain weight very well.

  1. Full Bunk Beds with Stairs for Girl


Its pink nuances has told that this bunk bed is purposed for girl. The cutting is quite simple with cupboard innovation. You can see that the designer adds secret cupboard on the stair and on the bottom part of the bed. These cupboards indeed will be very meaningful to help you arrange your items.

  1. Stainless Steel Full Bunk Beds with Stairs


If you want something stronger than wood, the stainless steel bunk bed might be the good choice. This material will ensure that the bed will stay in long period without getting corrosion. The stair blends to be the bed holder, a perfect camouflage in ergonomic shape.

  1. Full Bunk Bed with Soft Scheme


This full bed comes with soft and calm color nuances; white and pink. The airtight design combines with multipurpose drawers make this product seems very cozy to lay above. But, you need to be careful to reach the upper bed since the stair pad is quite narrow.

  1. Full Over Full Beds with Stairs for Boys


Boys need different treatment than girls, including the bed taste. They prefer to have simple bed with functional items beside. But, those three bed sheets will allow your beloved boys to express their thought and let them be free to act.

  1. Simple Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Stair


For those willing something simple with strong build, this camera is the best choice. Made of stainless steel on the construction, feel free to use this bed without no worries. Thing you would like is the fence in the border of the bed to prevent you from getting fallen.

  1. Multi-function Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Stair


At glance, you are going to fall in love with this one. The cutting is very tidy with bold wooden nuances. Aside from the cupboard, you can find the additional feature in which you able to put several items like book, lamp, ball, and other accessories.

  1. All-in -One Over Bed with Stair


If you want something more practical full bunk bed with stair, this one is a good idea. The size is pretty small but it covers two beds, lots of drawers, and even stairs that also work very well as a drawers. For those willing to give different nuance for your kids’ room, they will be very happy to have this bed.

Those are nine full over full bunk beds with stairs ideas to try. But remember, you need to consider the purpose of having this bed, the material, the price, and of course the size. Happy decorating!

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