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Don’t Buy Children Bunk Beds with Stairs Until You See This

Children are special and of course they need special treatment on their life. Parents should pay attention and understand every child’s need including their bed style. You need to make sure that their beds are safe to use and attractive enough to look.

There are so many products of bedding out there to be inspiration. But, children bunk beds with stairs become one of the most eye-catching to own. This kind of bed commonly offers double bed with stair to connect each bed. It is free for you to select metal or wooden material, as long as it is capable to hold the load perfectly. Below are several bunk beds products with stair purposed for you lovely children.

1. Bunk Beds for Kids with Stairs Very Modern


The first product you need to look is this wooden bunk bed with modern stairs. From its name, it is easy to know that this bunk bed is constructed mostly by wooden for optimum strength. Moreover, the stairs also work very well as drawers to keep their items managed.

2. Kids Bunk Beds


This bunk bed has unique and anti-mainstream design. It is made in quite simple design and mostly dominated by plywood. The combination of cream and white creates very soft nuance and make it easier for your children to sleep.

3. Neutron Bunk Bed Full


For not-too-small children, this medium-high bunk bed is a good choice. Even it is constructed by plywood; you don’t need to worry about the strength. I love the idea of its secret drawers inside the stairs that is able to be good storage for you.

4. New Artistic Crafts Furniture Est Qual Bedroom Arts


At first sight, I can conclude that this bunk bed is specially purposed for girl. The bottom bed is made in bigger size as the main bed. Meanwhile, the smaller upper bed can be functioned as secondary bed or storage.

5. Best Bunk Beds Design Ideas for Kids


This semi-rustic wooden bunk bed comes as a good alternative for farmhouse style. The bed looks undeniably solid and strong with real wooden bar and bit plywood. If your kids do not like it, it is free to paint it up with their most favorite color.

6. Best Unique Bunk Beds Design Ideas for Kids


This is a good innovation of bedding in which combining double bed, stair, cabinet, drawer, and desk in one product. It means that your children are able to play, study, and sleep in one comfortable spot without meaningful movement. Aside from that, the wooden looks very strong and solid which is going to stay even in long period.

7. Boys Bunk Beds for Kids Room Design Ideas


This is my sentimental favorite of children bunk beds with stairs among all. The designer tries to combine sleep, play, and camping atmosphere through this product. The domination of red and blue is undeniably perfect to give limitless spirit for your children. Also, there is an additional swing that will be valuable for your kids.

8. Cutest Bedroom for Kids


It’s pink and it’s cute! The bottom bed is adjustable for secondary bed as well as play ground. The dimension itself is quite reasonable and fits even in small bedroom. Thing that I criticized most is that the plywood looks very thin, so it might not give maximum capability to hold the load.

9. Children Bunk Beds with Stairs


I must say that this children bunk bed is undeniably cute. Realizing that it comes with pink and white, this product will be a good choice for girl. Not only bed, your children will also get all-in-one cabinet, drawers, and stair in one product. It means that everything can be done on it.

Those are nine most eye-catching children bunk beds with stairs you need to know. Now it is time for you to accompany your kids in choosing the most suitable bed. Make sure to pay attention on material, model, dimension, and of course the price. Don’t be afraid of expensive price, since there are tons of worthed products to sell in very reasonable price. Happy hunting!

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