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Groom Up Your Room with These 11 Gray and White Curtains Inspirations

The use of curtain is basically purposed to cover certain part of your room especially windows. Choosing a good curtain is not a simple thing since there are many things to consider. One of the most important things to notice is the curtain’s design and style. These gray and white curtains below are worth to be applied on your rooms. Check them out!

  1. GULSPORRE Curtains 1 Pair from IKEA


This curtain comes with the combination of soft white and light gray. It is not too transparent or too bold, just perfect for any kind of room.

  1. Curtains Color-Block GY


The mixture of gray, white, and gray looks futuristic. Having medium-long size, this curtain is a perfect solution for medium-sized windows.

  1. Gray and White Curtains for Living Room Interior


Look at that hexagon pattern on this curtain. It creates unique nuance inside your room with this motif. The suggestion is that it is better to apply this curtain on plain room so it won’t be too much.

  1. Sheer Curtain on Gray and White


This curtain looks very extraordinary with its pattern composition. On the upper part, the curtain is constructed by gray dots and you are going to find white and gray lining on the bottom part.

  1. Gray and White Curtains


If you look for something glamour, this glossy gray and white curtain is a good alternative. It is specially made of glossy gray fabric with white pattern over it. You will never get too-much with this creation.

  1. Light Gray Curtains 95 with Target Gray Curtain


I love the idea of representing twister motif to this medium-sized curtain. At glance it is dominated by light gray, but you are going to find it mixes well with white touches.

  1. Gray and White Shower Romantic Curtain


For shower, this gray and white curtain brings romantic atmosphere inside your bathroom. It also covers you very well since the material is thick. There is no complex detail on this curtain; it is just a gray gradation over the fabric.

  1. Gray and White Curtains for Kitchen


Kitchen’s curtain is quite different with other rooms’ curtain. This two-level gray and white curtain model comes as a good solution for your kitchen decoration.

  1. Sheer Grommet Curtain Panel White and Gray


You are going to love most on this sweet gray and white curtain. The flowery motif is undeniably beautiful and of course it is going to groom up your room very well.

  1. Gray and White Mosaic Curtain


I must say that this curtain’s designer is brilliant. They combine bold gray and white nuances in different way; a unique mosaic.

  1. Gray and White Striped Gray


Closing the list, I suggest to you this special gray and white curtain. It comes with very smooth curtain material that will be perfect for making your room more artistic and outstanding than before.

Well, those are eleven gray and white curtains inspirations you need to notice. Don’t wait any longer, choose your favorite curtain now and see the different changes inside your room.

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