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Various Nine Cream and Brown Living Room Ideas and Inspiration

Living room is believed to be the very first room for every people coming to your house. This room might become the image of overall house part. If the living room is well-managed, the other part of house will be good too. It is not a simple thing to decorate living room. There are many things to notice, one of them is the living room ideas. Here are cream and brown living room ideas that can be your inspiration as gathered up from several sources.

  1. Excellent Living Room Idea with Cream and Brown


For those who really want to have living room with high nuance, this excellent living room idea can be applied. The cream curtain is hanged in quite high hanger to allow air light to enter the living room. The combination of dark brown and cream is a good combination too.

  1. Timeless Style of Modern Living Room with Cream and Brown


Look at that fabulous living room. Every single thing is designed to have their own function and support each other to bring modern atmosphere. This idea will be suitable most for those looking for wide room.

  1. Cream and Brown Living Room Inspiration


Cream and brown have always been a good match. I can feel the convenient and warm nuance from this living room idea.

  1. Cream and Brown Living Room Idea with Outdoor View


Fresh air, green leaves, and sunshine are the best. Don’t let your living room block them away. This smart living room is designed to let nature becoming part of your living room. The selection of sofa and table is also suitable to support the natural atmosphere.

  1. Very Simple Cream and Brown Living Room


This idea is purposed for those don’t like something complex on their living room. Just big sofa without table, this room feels so spacious. Don’t need light from lamp in the day, thanks for its wide and high window for letting the fresh air and lots of light to enter the room.

  1. Dynamic Cream and Brown Living Room Idea


It is said dynamic since the sofa selection is various. You can find at least three kind of sofas; the white sofa, brown sofa, and the zebra-like sofa. This inspiration comes since harmonious furniture seems very monotone.

  1. Full-Item Cream and Brown Living Room Idea


Some people are afraid of putting several items together in a room. They think that it will be too much. But, if you play the card right, this composition is unbelievably outstanding.

  1. Futuristic Cream and Brown Living Room with Orange Accents


Don’t let your living room quite boring with your guest. The combination of cream and brown with additional orange accents create fresh atmosphere inside your living room.

  1. Classic Cream and Brown Living Room Idea


At first sight, this room looks so classic but full of coziness. The use of brass fan, copper vases, and contemporary paintings are perfect composition to welcome your guest.

Above are nine cream and brown living room ideas that can be adapted in your living room. Remember, do not be afraid of expressing your thoughts, as long as it is on the right track. Happy decorating!

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